Immaterial Girl Cover

In Taos, New Mexico, sixteen-year-old Sabrina Miller is contemplating suicide. The town bully has kept her ostracized for years. But then she rescues the new girl, Crystal, who is Native American, Anglo, and Jewish, from a racially driven beating. She and Crystal become fast friends, sharing secrets and even become blood sisters—for Sabrina, this is a lifeline. Astonishingly, they get invited to party with the cool girls in the old graveyard, at night, in a blizzard, drinking schnapps. This night is nearly fatal to Sabrina which, much to her amazement, catapults her to the heights of popularity. So they decide to throw a party that will unite all the races and they invite every teen in Taos. Best party ever until the town bully shows up and violently tests the girls’ friendship. Now it’s up to Sabrina to either find the courage to trust herself and her friend or succumb to her darkest thoughts.


This novel is a gorgeous paradox, much like the place where it is set: the legendary high desert community of Taos, New Mexico.  The dialog is flawless, the characters complex, the emotions radically authentic, and the protagonist an irresistible rebel whose darkest despair gives way – on the brink of catastrophe — to a miraculous light.  IMMATERIAL GIRL tells hard truths about suicide, bullying, substance abuse, and friendship, and it does so with searing beauty, tempered by an entertaining dose of humor and redeemed by the gift of hope.

 Mirabai Starr—Taos-based author of God of Love and Caravan of No Despair