Singer & Seer

In Justine’s new young adult novel, we meet Lilith, a rock climbing, mathlete, badass on her way to college with her best friend, Paul. Then a demon possesses all 400 people at prom, which throws a wrench into their planned life trajectory. Kata Harca is handmaiden to a true historical figure and the world’s most prolific female serial killer—Elizabeth Bathory—who has found the key to immortality. Elizabeth has made a deal with the Bible’s most powerful demon, and when Kata Harca finds out, the two girls’ lives are driven headlong toward each other to an explosive conclusion in the heart of a glacier in Antarctica. Only with each other’s gifts, Lilith’s special voice and Kata Harca’s extraordinary touch, can they beat a horde of demonic man-sized spiders and harness the power of forgiveness to save the universe.

Writing Life
July 7, 2019

Sensitivity Readers Matter!

I recently got word from one of my beta readers who—aside from being brilliant and talented—is amazingly astute. He gave me actionable, insightful feedback, not all of it complimentary, for…